How long has it been? How longer would I endure? As it seems like with each passing day, being apart from you tears the very fibers of my being. I have told myself each night, each dreary midnight where nothingness dwells beside me in bed.. That I no longer feel anything towards you. Words I’ve continuously uttered in solitude. Every time these very same words escape my lips.. It felt like daggers were scarping my throat. Daggers.. Daggers that tore me apart day and night. 

They say time heals. And so I believed. I believed that time made me feel better. Time made me forget you. I’ve never been so wrong. Upon seeing your radiant face once more.. Your beautiful smile..Illuminating the hallway. I’ve never been so wrong… Those feelings I’ve bottled up for so long came rushing back. And with it, so did the pain of being without you. So did the pain of not being able to feel you in my arms.. To feel your lips against mine… To not being ABLE TO CALL YOU MINE. Remembrance… if only it were as easy to forget.

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