Push On or Regress.

Fairly simple to understand. Push on or Regress. This is our world. This is the bitter truth. Were we to not move on from the sweetness of our past, we will deteriorate. The past shall consumes us. Leaving us cold, bitter and bewitched to the intoxicating aroma of our past. 

Leaving everything behind, even though it might seem bleak, will empower us to simply… Move on. We will not be confined to our memories. We will not be confined to our former lives. We can simply, move on. 

Backsliding, deteriorating and self destruction is not pretty. Loathing yourself due to your mistakes of way then seems so unnecessary, no matter what the ordeal was. Push on. You’re strong. The fact that you survived everything for so long proves only one thing. You’re strong. You long for the taste of being alive once-more, you long for the day that your smile will simply find its way back to your face. You LONG for the day.. The day you have finally moved on and wished a sweet farewell to the past. 



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